Sunday, November 14, 2004



"Two bishops were walking down the street when they noticed a scantily-clad prostitute coming toward them. As she passed, one bishop turned his head and said to the other, Brother Bishop, avert your eyes. The second, bishop, however, did not look away, but stared intently at the woman as she walked by. When she had passed, the first bishop turned to his companion, only to see tears in his eyes. Why didn't you turn away? asked the man. Such beauty, said his companion, to be consumed by the lusts of men.

Which of these two did the right thing? They both did. The first bishop knew that he would lust after the woman if he looked´┐Żand rightly turned his eyes. He knew it would be wrong to dishonor God's creature in such a way. The second bishop, however, was able to see beyond the lustful desires of the heart to the intrinsic beauty, worth, and dignity of the woman´┐Żand rightly wept for how she was being used and abused by others."
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